First Visit

Did you know age 1 is the recommended time to bring your little one in for their first dental exam? By this age, some teeth most likely have come in and this is a great time to establish your child at their dentist and let their dentist check for any early signs of decay and developmental problems. At this visit we will discuss proper tooth brushing techniques and talk about dietary habits that can contribute to decay. Catching signs of concern early will allow their dentist to help you prevent problems down the road.
Make this day exciting and not a drag! Help prepare your little one by making the dentist’s office sound like something to look forward to. If you are nervous, they will be too. We specialize in pediatric dentistry and will make their first visit as easy and comfortable as possible. During their first visit, we’ll take a quick look at their teeth while you hold your child in your lap. Feel free to bring a toy to help keep them distracted. At this visit we will also discuss best oral hygiene and dietary practice.

Looking for a pediatric dentist in Katy, TX? Call Katy Kids Dentist today to set up your child’s first visit. If they are older than 1 and haven’t been to the dentist yet, it is never too late to start. Schedule their first exam today!