Mouth Guards for Children

At least one-fourth of the dental injuries treated in our office are related to sports. This doesn’t mean that sports should be eliminated, it simply means sports can cause a significant amount of injuries to the mouth and teeth. These costly fixes could be reduced, and perhaps eliminated, if mouth guards were always used. Fixing permanent teeth that are damaged can take a lot of work and cost a lot of money. However, having your child wear a mouth guard could save their teeth from costly damage and keep their smile from injury.

We recommend the use of mouth guards for any contact sport. Our office offers custom mouth guards for your child. Your child’s dentist will make a mold of their teeth. From that mold, a custom mouth guard will be designed specifically for them. This custom fit allows them to be more comfortable. Over-the-counter mouth guards will not fit as well and your child may have to clench their teeth during the entire sport to keep the mouth guard from falling out. This can cause much discomfort and keep them from wanting to wear a mouth guard altogether.

If you are in search of custom mouth guards in Katy, TX, your search can end here! Call Katy Kids Dentist today to set up an appointment and help your child protect their teeth from permanent damage.