Orthodontic FAQs


Orthodontics treats the alignment of the teeth, including spacing, jaw alignment and other tooth positioning problems. Your dentist will diagnose the problems with your child’s teeth and mouth alignment and offer a treatment plan. These treatments can include braces or other devices we may recommend depending on the diagnosis.

Improving the alignment of your teeth can boost self-esteem. You’ll feel great and look great too! Orthodontic treatment can help you chew easier and speak more clearly. Teeth cleaning will also be a much easier task, as all the teeth will be straight and easier to floss. Improving your oral health can contribute to improving your overall health as well!

It is recommended to bring in your child at age seven for their first orthodontic exam. Starting them this early can make tooth alignment easier and treatment less extensive. However, if your child is older than seven, it is never too late to start treatment.

Several signs can indicate a need for orthodontic treatment. In some instances, misaligned or crowded teeth are a clear indication for the need for treatment. Sometimes there are more subtle signs such as difficulty speaking clearly, thumb sucking past age 3, breathing through the mouth and regularly biting the cheeks. If the jaws make noise or move out of place when the mouth closes, this may be another sign of need for treatment.

Every mouth is different, but the average time frame for wearing braces is anywhere from 6-30 months. While wearing braces, you will come into our office every 4-8 weeks for adjustments and to ensure that your teeth are moving in the right direction at the right pace. After the braces are removed, a retainer is worn to keep the teeth from shifting.

Tooth extractions may be necessary if the mouth is too small to accommodate all of your teeth and if your teeth are too crowded. Another reason for extractions is impacted teeth. The earlier the orthodontic treatment, the better! Extractions can usually be avoided if treatment is started at an early age.

Avoiding food that can get caught in your braces is important. We will give you a list of foods to watch out for.

For the most part, braces will not change your day-to-day activities or hinder your normal routine. Sports can still be played, but a mouth guard is recommended. Musical instruments can still be played as well, although it may take a few weeks to feel comfortable playing with braces on.

Yes! Dentist appointments are more important than ever. This is because braces have to be kept clean and free of bacteria and food. It is important to visit your dentist periodically to make sure your braces are not causing your teeth to have plaque build-up.

There are many payment options for orthodontic treatment. After the treatment plan, you will be given some payment options so you can decide which routine will work best for you!

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